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FAQ - Renting a Surfboard in Long Beach, NY

Surf Rental FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Can I come see the surfboards in person instead of renting online?

Unfortunately we don’t have a brick and mortar location. We operate virtually and we do our best to provide as many specifications as we can for each board we rent so you can make an educated decision before renting.

How do I get my surfboard?

We deliver our boards to you at the beach. When you rent a board, you will have the opportunity to indicate when and at what beach you would like the rental delivered. If your timing changes, you can just shoot us a text. All rental deliveries must take place on the beach, boardwalk or in a beach parking lot. Please have your photo ID ready.

Can you leave the rental with my friend or leave it somewhere for me to pick up?

We only deliver to the boardwalk or beach. We will not drop off the board somewhere or leave it with a friend. There are no exceptions. Please do not ask us to do you a favor.

Where do I bring the board when I'm finished surfing for the day?

Ok, so we deliver the board to you at the beach…check. How do we pick it back up? A simple text or phone call and we’ll be to you in less than 10 minutes to retrieve the rental. Try to be near the beach…but we’ll come to you wherever you might be. We are more liberal with where we retrieve our boards at the end of the day. 

What beaches can I surf with my surfboard rental in Long Beach?

In the summer Long Beach has designated surfing beaches. There are 3 permanent surf beaches and 2 rotating surf beaches. View the Long Beach Surf Beach Schedule for up to date information on rotating surfing beaches.

Do I have to surf in Long Beach?

We would prefer it if you don’t leave the barrier island with the rentals. That means no going to Rockaway Beach, Gilgo or anywhere you have to cross a bridge to get to. But by all means, surf anywhere from Lido to Atlantic beach. What gives? The more you travel with your rental, the higher the chance of the rental being damaged, as well as the rental being returned after operating hours….yes there are late fees. Just stay the course….or go to Rockaway Beach and rent from a local shop there. Otherwise please enjoy our fine selection of surfboards for rent.

If I rented a board for a day, but the surf is sticking around and I want to extend my rental….can I do that?

Actually, you can! We have a convenient way to extend your rental without having to return it or go through a new booking process. Simply log in to your account, and extend your rental duration before the initial rental expires. The rest is history!

Can I rent more than one surfboard at a time if I’m renting for a group of friends?

You can rent and checkout as many surfboards as you like in our online cart. If you are renting on behalf of multiple participants, each participant must  first complete our online waiver and release form before the rental begins.

If you are renting a single surfboard, but plan on sharing it with other participants, each person planning to utilize the rental must first complete our waiver and release form.

What happens if I ding or damage my rental?

Lucky for you, we know how to repair boards. We’re not going to hit you for a ding here or there. Even a broken nose is ok with us, as long as you were charging hard. On the other hand, if a board is run over by a car, dropped on its tail or damaged due to your utter disrespect and gross negligence….we may have to discuss reparation costs.

Do you offer wetsuit rentals?

Not at this time. Check back soon for wetsuit rentals and more.

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