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Foam Longboard Rentals...We'd Rather Not

Long Beach NY Surfboard Rentals

Looking to rent a foam longboard to surf in Long Beach, NY?

As you browse our selection of rental surfboards, you might be asking ‘Where have all the foam longboards gone?’.

We will save you some time right now and let you know, we are not in the business of renting foam longboards. We are in the business of renting real surfboards.

At Long Beach Board Rentals your WaveStorm surfing dreams are over. It's time to catch waves using your own strength and technique and stop relying on excessive amounts of buoyancy.

If you haven’t graduated to a fiberglass board, now is the time to start scratching like the rest of us!

Look in the mirror, and ask yourself if this is who you want to be. Then look at the people in the lineup and apologize. Return the foam longboard and take back your soul. Then come to our website, browse the many varied boards we have for rent, and take the plunge.

You will have to try significantly harder, and your wave count may drop to zero, but your street credit will remain intact. You can thank this post later.

Other reasons why we don’t rent foam top longboards:

  • You can hurt people in the lineup

  • People in the lineup will hurt you

  • Then they will come for me...

Getting high and lifted

If it’s volume you’re looking for, we have plenty of that on tap. We offer a variety of surfboards that you will not find for rent anywhere else, and many of them are packed with enough foam to float your above average size bloke or sheila.

> Start browsing our selection of rental boards today!

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