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About Long Beach Board Rentals - How it Works

Locally owned and operated 

About LB Board Rentals

Who we are...

We’re not a surf shop. Which means no more calling up, crossing your fingers that there’s a good rental available, making your way to the shop, taking what you can get, then lugging the thing to the beach and back.

You can view and book the exact surfboard you want directly through our site. We bring your rental directly to you near the beach or boardwalk, and pick it up from you when you’re all surfed out for the day.


Think of us as a concierge service. No waiting for the shop to open, waiting to get the attention of an employee, waiting to pay for the rental…waiting waiting waiting...and now the wind is on-shore and the tide is high....doh!


When the waves are on and the surf is up, waiting isn’t an option. When you rent with Long Beach Board Rentals, we meet you near the beach, when and where you say, with the exact surfboard(s)bike(s) and/or beach chairs you selected for rent online.


Our rental system makes it easy to view, read up on, and rent from our well curated collection of surfboards. We also offer bicycles and beach chairs for rent, which can all be booked together in a single checkout process using our online system.

Our Surfboard Rentals...

Whether you’re an experienced surfer living in Long Beach, traveling in from NYC, or just happen to find yourself here during an unexpected swell and want to give it a go, we have a surfboard for you! 


At Long Beach Board Rentals what you see online is what you get. Our quiver is mostly made of fiberglass boards, and we don’t give surf lessons so don’t ask!  Looking for a Wave Storm or some foam top longboard to rent? You won’t find that here (though we do offer some high performance foam top boards). What you will find is a growing and well curated body of surfboards designed to fulfill your wildest surfing dreams. 


Looking for a summertime groveler? Of course you are. The waves in Long Beach during the summer are for the birds. You’ll like what we have in-store to get you through those sloppy choppy flat sections looking like a pro. People will be asking you what board you're riding…of course you’ll tell them, “I rented it on”. We thank you in advance!

How it works...

All rental bookings take place online through our rental system. We do not process any payments in person. There is no brick and mortar location to come view boards, bikes or chairs.


You select the surfboard, bike and/or beach chair you want to rent right here on our website, identify a day and start time and complete your payment online. You will have an opportunity during checkout to identify a location where you would like us to meet you to hand off the rental. 

We prepare for delivery of your rental at the time and location you identify during checkout.....but if things change, that's ok. If you get caught up with something, miss your train or whatever it is....a simple text message will suffice. Just text (516) 560-3201 and let us know the new time and/or location to meet you, and we will happily accommodate.

There are security deposits associate with each rental, which will be immediately returned to you upon the successful collection of the rental equipment. We don't keep security deposits for normal wear and tear. But if the rental is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair....we may exercise the right to hold on to your security deposit in part or in whole.

Returning your rental is just the same as picking it up. Just shoot us a text. Bicycles can be locked up and left for pickup almost anywhere in long beach, giving you the freedom to terminate your rental at any given time.

For answers to more detailed questions involving our rentals:

Bike Rental FAQ

Surfboard Rental FAQ

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