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FAQ - Renting a Bike in Long Beach, NY

Bike Rental FAQ

Frequently asked questions

You may have a number of questions before renting a bike in Long Beach. That's good. We have a lot of answers! What happens if you get a flat? Where is it safe to ride your bike in Long Beach? Where should you lock it up?

Even if you don't have questions floating around in your head, it's still a good idea to rifle through our bike rental FAQ list to ensure your rental expectations are set correctly, and your experience is as smooth as possible.

What happens if my bike gets a flat tire?

If your rental gets a flat tire, or you are experience a problem that is preventing you from riding, contact us immediately. With a simple text, we will be there to replace the bike with another rental, or provide quick on-site repair.

Where can I lock up my rental in Long Beach?

DO NOT lock up your bike to any public street signs or light poles. The City of Long Beach will come take it away, and you will be scratching your head wondering if you had too much to drink or saw too much sun that day.

When locking up your bike on the Boardwalk, you MUST lock your bike up on the North side (the non-beach side). DO NOT lock your bike to the South side where the benches are located, or the city will remove it. 

There are many places across Long Beach to safely and securely lock up your rental. These include bike racks located directly outside business in the  center of the city and in the west end. Public bike racks located in medians across park avenue and by the bus/train station, and many more. 

> See our map of available bike racks across the City of Long Beach.

Can I rent a bike for more than 1 day?

Yes, we recently opened up the opportunity to book multi-day bicycle rentals through our online system. We give progressive discounts for each additional day you rent!

Can I rent more than one bicycle at a time?

You can rent and checkout as many bicycles as you like in our online cart. If you are renting on behalf of multiple participants, each participant must  first complete our online waiver and release form before the rental begins.

If you are renting a bicycle, but plan on sharing it with other participants, each person planning to utilize the rental must first complete our waiver and release form.

Do you have bikes for kids?

At this time, we have one bike in stock sized for a 6-8 year old, and anothe for a 10-15 year old. The remaining bikes are sized for adult riders.

Do you rent helmets? What about safety?

At this time, we do not rent helmets of any kind. We encourage you to look both ways, ride in the direction of traffic when possible, and procede through intersections with extreme caution and in accordance with the law.

The safest place to ride in Long Beach is on the boardwalk, and in designated bike lanes along the boulevards where indicated. It is generally safe to ride on the sidewalks throughout the city, with the exception of the business district (the center of the city), where biking on sidewalks is prohibited.

Is there a deposit on bike rentals?

There is a $100 deposit on all bike rentals. When the bike is retrieved, the deposit is returned. If we fail to retrieve the bike because the bike was stolen or found in a condition of disrepair, your deposit will not be returned.

If it is determined that you locked the bike up,  and acted responsibly, and still the bike was stolen....well you are not at fault, and your deposit will be returned.

We will not withold any of the deposit for general wear and tear from standard usage, flat tires, broken chains and other things that are beyond your control.

How/where do I return my bicycle rental?

To return your rental, find a safe place to lock it up using the provided combination lock. Send us a text indicating the location of the bike, and a photo to go along. After that, you can simply walk away, and we will take care of the rest.

IMPORTANT: Please provide a specific location, such as an address or cross streets. Do not tell us "it is somewhere in the West End."  While that is where you will likely end up, it does not help us much. If we cannot locate the rental with general ease, we reserve the right to retain a late fee as a portion of the deposit.

Does the bike include a bike lock?

Yes, your rental includes a bicycle lock, and we encourage you to lock up your bike whenever you are not riding it. Check out our list of safe places to lock up your bike.

Where do I go in Long Beach to pick up my bike?

You don't go anywhere! We bring your bike rental to you. As long as you are in Long Beach, we can meet you wherever you like.

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