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Have you ever been experienced? Well...

How experienced of a surfer are you?

What does it even mean to be experienced? I guess it’s just something you feel inside and project outward until everyone looks at you charging, head down, eyes to the stringer, committed beyond reason and can't help but scream.

Perhaps that’s you...being experienced.

Can you hear the screams? That means go, don’t stop, don’t even look…take the drop…I said no, I said don’t. I’m dropping in. Yo! Yoyoyoyo! Effing hello!

Thanks for the experience.


A note to the 'experienced' surfer

Long Beach gets crowded in the summer, and designated surfing beaches are limited. If there is anything in the way of a small wave on a sunny day, expect close company. It’s merciless out there, and not due to localism. More due to over confident people charging, eyes down, committing to a closeout, about to drop in on your face while you're inside scrambling to duck dive deep enough to avoid getting slammed onto daddy and his infant child having themselves a nice little surf lesson in the main break zone. What am I saying?

Be Aware, nobody cares

Please be aware of the surfers and other elements around you when surfing in Long Beach. Don’t just blindly commit to a wave because you’ve waited long enough and can’t take it any longer. Nobody cares how many times you’ve been burned that day, or if your girlfriend is watching from the beach, or your soloshot is set up, or whatever the heck you have going on. Please be smart with your wave selection, and please put the safety of others first.


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